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Refinancing your mortgage is a question of savings

Refinancing your mortgage is a key moment to improve your conditions. Among your options, refinancing your mortgage is certainly worth considering especially if you are not satisfied with the current conditions or by the service offered by your financial institution. The time has come to see what the mortgage market has to offer you.

Debt consolidation

When refinancing with Multi-Prêts, your broker can help you gather all your debts in one payment by refinancing your property. The equity in your home gives you the means to borrow at very low rates.

The benefits of debt consolidation

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Lower interest payments (with reduced interest rates on debts)
  • Better financial management (only one payement)
  • Cleaning your credit report

Three good reasons to consolidate your debts

  • You are having problems balancing your budget each month
  • Your income is lower or less stable
  • Your interest rates are too high than you’d like

Purchase a cottage home with the equity in your property !

You have been dreaming for a long time of that special cottage home?  Use the equity in your home to realize that dream by using the plus value of your home.

With the net value in your home, your mortgage broker can help you refinance your property.  We have several mortgage solutions to help you enjoy the best rates at the best conditions.

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