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Signing the renewal form proposed by your financial institution with which you have been doing business for a long time is probably not the best option to get the best rate. Your Multi-Prêts broker has access to a wide choice of mortgage products. He will choose the best mortgage product and will get you the best rate on the market. You will save a lot of money and our services are absolutely free.*

No need to wait the end of your term to get the best rates. Your Multi-Prêts broker can already lock-in your rate. In addition, we will watch for rate changes and will not hesitate to make you benefit from any rate change if rates are lower.

Transferring your mortgage to another mortgage lender is free of charge. ** Your mortgage broker takes care of everything. The best rates are never published, only a mortgage broker can get them for you.

* Standard Residential Mortgage
** Some conditions may apply
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