How can I save on a mortgage?

The easiest way to save on a mortgage is, of course, to get the best possible mortgage rate, but also to reduce interest charges by paying the principal as soon as possible. There are several advantageous strategies for this:

Increase the frequency of his payments. Ask us how much you could save for weekly or accelerated payments over a fortnight.

Make early repayment

Increase his monthly payments

Double Shot

Every year, on the anniversary of your loan, you can prepay up to 20% of the original amount (principal) or more, depending on the institution, without paying a commission or penalty.

Once a year, you can increase the amount of your monthly payment up to 20% initially set for the duration of your loan without paying a commission or penalty.

You can also reduce interest charges and pay off your mortgage faster by doubling your usual payments, including principal and interest (taxes and insurance, if available), on every regular payment date, with no commission or fine. You can choose to double each of your installments or just double each year; It's up to you. The entire amount of your next payment will be deducted directly from the principal of your loan.

How can I save on a mortgage?

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