Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Personal information

This website is subject to federal and provincial privacy laws, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Private Sector Privacy Act. Also, this website takes all privacy issues very seriously and takes the necessary steps to comply with these laws.

By personal information, we mean any information about you that you provide to us voluntarily and that identifies you.

Protection of personal information

Personal information collected on this website is confidential; only personnel authorized to respond to requests for which they are provided have access to them. At no time will this information be made public or sold or communicated to third parties without your consent, except to provide the service for which you are registered or to give effect to a court order.

Use in our site

The personal information that we collect about you on this website is used only to record the display results of this website, without however saving this position.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used on this website.

These files make it possible to identify your navigation software from one visit to another and from one page to another within a session in order to facilitate your access to the site and your navigation in this one. Cookies can only be read by the website that sends it to your computer.

External links

Links to third party websites.

This website may provide you with links to websites or parts of websites of third parties.

This website has no control over the content and operation of these sites or over their privacy practices. Consequently, any personal information that you transmit through these sites is subject to their privacy policy.

It is therefore your responsibility to read it in order to ensure the protection of information concerning you.


This website subscribes to very rigorous and very strict security standards. Every precaution has been taken so that the information concerning you which is transmitted to us when you use the services of this website is protected against any error, loss or unauthorized access.

Despite all these precautions, you must take all the personal security measures recommended here in order to maintain an optimal level of security when you browse this website and any other website.

For complete details of the application and the scope of Multi-Prêts Mortgages’ privacy policy, consult the corporate site here.

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