Mortgage renewal, a key moment

Renewing your mortgage is a key time to improve your conditions. Among your options, mortgage transfer is definitely worth considering. Especially if you are not satisfied with the current conditions of your mortgage, or even the service offered by your financial institution.

The time is chosen to look elsewhere to compare to get the best mortgage. It is not just a question of rates.

Renewing without comparing is not a good idea

The renewal form offered by the financial institution with which you have been dealing for a long time is probably not the best option for obtaining the best mortgage! Our Multi-Prêts advisers from the Team Premium have access to a wide range of mortgage products from several financial institutions.

He will choose the right mortgage product and get you the best mortgage on the market. You save a lot of money, absolutely free. *

Reserve your rate for renewal

You don't have to wait until your term expires to get the best rate. Your Multi-Prêts advisor, Team Premium, can already reserve your rate for your renewal. In addition, he monitors the evolution of mortgage rates for you and will not hesitate to let you benefit from a possible decrease.

There is no cost to you when transferring your mortgage to another mortgage lender. ** Your Multi-Prêts Mortgage Broker takes care of everything. The best rates are rarely displayed, only a mortgage broker can get them for you.

* Standard residential mortgage
** Certain conditions apply

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