In real estate buying mode? Need a mortgage?

Your Multi-Prêts mortgage broker has in mind your interests not only in terms of interest rates, but also by thinking of the product that best fits your client profile while satisfying your needs. Whether for the most suitable closing costs or even the most convenient flexibility for you. His mortgage expertise will help you be better informed. A knowledgeable person makes a better decision.

Here are important elements to consider to determine your financial situation; allowing us to choose the mortgage product that best suits your needs.

Your work

Determines your borrowing capacity. The lender must know your true ability to pay off your mortgage. Whether you are an employee, a self-employed person, a seasonal worker or others, your mortgage advisor can find the mortgage product that best suits your situation.

Your credit

It determines your regularity in meeting your credit obligations. Your mortgage broker can help you understand the impact of your financial transactions on your credit report and will suggest corrective measures, if any, to take advantage of the best terms offered by financial institutions.

Safety deposit

A minimum deposit is now required to purchase the property. This deposit must come from your own property, which is proof that it supports it. If you have not accumulated the required deposit, it is still possible to realize your dream of buying. Your Multi-Prêts mortgage broker will design the various programs available to you, for example: if this is your first home, you can benefit from a federal plan for home buyers.


Determines the ideal mortgage repayment to allow you to maintain a pleasant quality of life. In fact, your counselor will determine with you a mortgage amortization and all of your gross income.

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