It's settled with your mortgage refinancing

Renewing your mortgage is a key time to improve your conditions. You can enjoy the equity in your property! Among your options, debt consolidation is definitely worth considering. The time is also chosen to look elsewhere to compare to get the best mortgage.

Debt consolidation

When refinancing a mortgage, your Multi-Prêts mortgage broker can collect several of your debts and settle them with your refinancing. The equity in your property gives you the means to borrow at a very low rate.

The Benefits of Debt Consolidation

  • Decrease in monthly payments
  • Lower interest costs (lower rate on your debts)
  • Simplified management (one debt vs several)
  • Reorganization of your credit file

Four good reasons to refinance and consolidate your debts

  • You have trouble making ends meet every month
  • Your income has decreased or is less regular
  • Your interest charges are far too high for your liking
  • You want to regain control of your finances

Treat yourself to your cottage with the equity in your home!

You have dreamed of it for a long time: a chalet. Has your principal residence acquired value and your mortgage is largely reimbursed? Take advantage of it.

The equity in your property is an easily accessible source of finance to provide you with a second home. And at Multi-Prêts, we have several mortgage solutions to allow you to benefit from them at the best rates and conditions.

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