Should I rent or buy?

The benefits of buying a home depend primarily on your current situation, your values and your needs. Becoming a homeowner is definitely a way to enjoy a good quality of life.

If you are a person who values stability and the proud sense of belonging that comes from owning your house, buying is a possibility to consider and therefore you will be “home away from home” and not at the mercy of the homeowner. owner.

From a financial point of view, a house, apartment or multiplex is a low-risk asset that gives you the benefit of enjoying it every day and has a high potential value over time. Ownership of such an asset can also become an attractive lever for other projects.

Use the "Rent or Buy" calculator to evaluate whether it is better to buy or rent based on your current budget. This tool lets you estimate how many years it will take to make a purchase profitable. Become the owner of a rental price that tells you? Take the test!

Should I rent or buy?

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